Venture Philanthropy: New Profit’s Trevor Brown On The Portfolio Approach

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Giving Compass 

What do Teach For America, KIPP, Year Up, Jumpstart, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, BELL, iMentor, College Advising Corps all have in common, aside from being high-impact, nationally-scaled organizations?

Each got an early boost as part of the grantee portfolio at New Profit, a venture philanthropy organization founded in 1998. New Profit’s venture philanthropy model, which helped introduce principles and methods of for-profit investing and consulting into social impact, has grown into a popular vehicle for individual and institutional philanthropists looking for a different approach to giving and changemaking.

Founded by serial social entrepreneur Vanessa Kirsch as one of the first venture philanthropy organizations, New Profit has been a longtime leader in the space, helping catalyze more than 110 social entrepreneur-led (more than 50 currently), early-to-mid stage organizations with unrestricted funding, expert strategic advice, and ecosystem supports. [CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE]


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