to ensure that our entrepreneurs (the majority of which are from historically marginalized populations) are connected to the tools, resources and support need to build businesses, acquire wealth and transform communities. Your donation helps revitalize cities one entrepreneur at a time. 

We wouldn’t be where we are without our awesome partners.

A lot goes into building a community, and we wouldn’t be where we are now if we’d tried to go out and do it alone. During the past couple years, we’ve developed some pretty amazing relationships with our partners, financial contributors and supporters – and it’s this team effort that enables us to reach more people, in more communities with even more more of an impact.  There’s still a lot more that we want to do, so we’re always searching for more people and organizations to build with us. There are so many moving parts to this plan that we’ve decided to roll out a blueprint of our needs here. It’s our hope that you will join us in building the next generation of Cincinnati Entrepreneurs! 


– Scholarship Sponsors to subsidize costs for students –

– Gift Cards: Ikea, Kroger, Target, Staples etc. –

– Financial Contributions to Assist with Operating Expenses & Staffing –

– Food & Beverage Sponsors for Class Sessions (Meals for students) –

– Available Meeting Space to have Classes – (Weekly, 3-4 hour commitment over 10 weeks)

– Bus & Bike Passes for students who need transportation assistance –


– Subject matter experts to share entrepreneurial experiences w/ MORTAR students – (1 hour commitment)

-Facilitators to guide learning during academy sessions-

– Photographers & Videographers to capture stories and experiences –

– Passion Mentors to work one-on-one with students over 15-weeks – (7 hour commitment – 1 hour every other week)

– Volunteers to assist during events –

– Copy & Print Center to support MORTAR printing needs

Whatever it is, if it’s helping us build urban entrepreneurs, we’re all in.

If you’re unable to assist us with the things on our list, maybe your helping hand comes in the form of a letter to one of the organizations that you work with; suggesting that they support the work that we’re doing in Cincinnati and abroad. That alone may be the spark needed to motivate others to jump on board with their partnerships or in-kind donations. Perhaps your support comes in the form of offering to meet us for a cup of coffee and sharing some of your insights. 

Whether you’d like to contribute to our scholarship fund or make a donation to offset the expenses incurred while developing the MORTAR project, we sincerely appreciate your support. After clicking the donate button above, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can make your donation securely using a credit card or funds from your PayPal account. You will also have the option of setting up a recurring monthly donation. Please let us know in the PayPal notes if you’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you for believing in entrepreneurship, Cincinnati and the potential of PEOPLE. REMEMBER, all of these donations are tax deductible, as MORTAR is a federally recognized 501c3.

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