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On the surface, we are just a few people who want to use our gifts, talents, and insights to inspire change.
Fundamentally, we believe in one of the core tenets of the American spirit: the power of a dollar and a dream

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A lot goes into building a community, and we wouldn’t be where we are now if we’d tried to go out and do it alone.  There’s still a lot more that we want to do, so we’re always searching for more people to build with us. Click the button below to see out latest career  opportunities.


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CoFounder & CEO

Allen Woods is a devoted husband, father, and entrepreneur – in that order.

A brand strategist & business consultant who has worked with brands around the globe, Allen is a lifelong Midwesterner who’s never allowed the size of his city to place a limit on the size of his dreams. Woods cofounded MORTAR in 2014 with the mission of designing a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem for marginalized business owners in Cincinnati, Ohio. What was initially created to benefit small businesses in a singular neighborhood – soon became an impressive local success story that has become the blueprint for a regional expansion that will have a physical MORTAR presence in 15 cities across the United States by 2024.

Woods has participated in fellowship programs presented by Echoing Green and New Profit and been recognized as a Cincinnati Business Courier 40 under 40 Business Leader, John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award recipient, and in 2020 & 2021, Cincinnati Magazine named Allen one of the Cincinnati 300, an annual list of the city’s top 300 business leaders described as ”the most influential, the most powerful, or most impactful forces who’ve shaped the region”.

When Allen isn’t at MORTAR, he can often be found behind a camera, specializing in both digital & analog photography. The award-winning portrait photographer who has a special love for black & white film and the usage of natural light has recently added “Documentary Director” to his resume and is looking forward to doing more creative storytelling in the near future.

Allen Woods is a sought-after public speaker who has shined on the TEDx stage and has been featured on NBC Nightly News, the Black Enterprise Podcast, PEOPLE Magazine, and in INC. Magazine.


I remember back in 2007 when I bought my first bottle at a random gas station in Indianapolis. I loved the usage of these new "canvases" and the way that Mountain Dew was shining the light on new artists. I now have the full collection of about 30 bottles on display in my home. Art should be accessible.
I got his on the day that I met Gordon Parks. We talked, he signed my book - but he did so much more than that.. he sparked something in me that made me want to pursue becoming a photographer.
Next to Gordon Parks, this man has provided the most creative inspiration for me. To this day, Do the Right thing is still my favorite movie, but what I like most about Spike is his fearlessness. The ways that he's used his films to challenge traditional narratives is brilliant. I look forward to the day when he and I will be working together on a film.
First of all, the Jordan one is one of my favorite shoes of all time (also the LeBron 15, but this isn't about that). This specific version of the shoe was a collaboration with Virgil Abloh, who has been making quite a name for himself in recent years and continues to change the game in the art & streetwear worlds.
I've been shooting with Canon cameras since I was a kid, so for me, switching over to a new system was a big deal. I have to say that I haven't regretted it for ONE second. I love what this camera has allowed me to do with my portraiture, and look forward to diving into shooting more film work soon.
I'm lightweight a techie - but a minimalist too. I find a good piece of tech and I hold on to it for a while, avoiding the trap of getting the new whatever everytime they drop one. I do, however, really enjoy having my Samsung Watch. It's helped me to eliminate the desire for having too many watches - and I like that it's a separate stand-alone device that doesn't have to be connected to your phone.
Traveling is kind of a new thing for me. I love to hop on a plane and connect with different people, foods, places, cultures.. (did I say foods?) I also enjoy making time to get away with my wife, Kyla, (and sometimes we might invite our kids lol) so we can create new memories.


Bookeeper & Development Manager

Roycelle Parker LOVES helping and supporting – PEOPLE.  Even as the oldest girl in a family of six children, she assisted her mom in managing their home.  She is very excited to help and support the MORTAR vision as the Office Manager, bringing a wealth of knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience in the field. She has also obtained an Accounting Degree, and is also a Bookkeeper, Certified Tax Professional, and Notary Public.

When you come to the MORTAR office don’t be surprised if you hear Roycelle “burst out” singing.  She loves singing songs and writing lyrics, including poetry. She has currently has published a CD single titled, “Not Until You Love With the Love of the Lord.” She is also an entrepreneur for over 10 years providing administrative services to clients.

Roycelle is married to Reggie, her husband of 38 years. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.


Family is EVERYTHING!!! We have always been somewhat close even though we don't see each other often. They are true, consistent, loving, strong, and dedicated. Love them! My Children Are My Life. My Grandchildren Are My Heartbeat
My Lord and Savior who redeemed my WHOLE LIFE from destruction. I now live my life with joy, unspeakable, full of His glory!!!
Oxtail Stew and Peas (Beans), Chili, Pinto Beans and Rice
Favorite Vegetables: Fried Cabbage and Broccoli.


Chief of Staff

Shannon Hooten is a Cincinnati native passionate about breaking oppressive racial stereotypes and creating and promoting safe spaces for black people to create authentically and freely. A lifelong learner, Shannon enjoys trying new things, visiting new places, and writing about them. Passionate about the creative arts, she has experimented with multiple forms of creative expression, including YA fiction writing, poetry, and copy editing. Her lifelong dream is to become a published author and open her own publishing house to support other black science fiction and fantasy writers. She is currently working on her debut novel.

As Strategic Director, Shannon Hooten is thrilled to manage MORTAR’s Strategic Plan and projects across the organization. Being a stickler for organization and thorough processes, Shannon realizes her talents for coordinating projects and reasonable timelines to guarantee success. Her current career objective is to create efficient and succinct processes to help MORTAR’s national growth.


Being a creative, I always enjoy stories that take me to another world and make me invest in fantastical characters. When it comes to creating stories like that, Disney can't be beat.
My first love was reading. It's like having your own personal movie play out inside your head. The words become worlds taking shape around you and only for you.
Reading created worlds and characters for me that I could fall in love with, root for, dislike, and cry over. My dream is to write stories that create that same experience for my fellow book lovers.
Ain't nothing better. Get rest, sleep when necessary, and make your bed so it's cool when you slip in at night.
I've loved tacos way before the Taco Tuesday trend began. Now EVERYBODY likes them? *side-eye*sucks teeth* I could eat them everyday and would never get tired of them.
I despised dogs up until the moment we met Ellie. She's my bestest friend who loves me unconditionally, gets excited everyday when I come home from work (or a 5-minute store run), and follows me around like I'm the most important person her life (which I guess I am :) ).
New places, new people, cultures, ideas, religion... I'm interested in learning about it all. Especially with my man or my girls by my side.

Diamyn Rembert

Indianapolis Program Manager & Facilitator

Diamyn is a Mortar Alum, Business Consultant, Gemologist and Entrepreneur. Her mission is to help others live a less-stressful life with the helpful energy of mindfulness, crystals and intention setting. She runs and operates her own retail and online business, Diamyn’s Crystal Bar and co-owns a collaborative retail space, Pause, located in Cincinnati, OH. Diamyn combines her knowledge of learning, business consulting and entrepreneurship to help guide and support others on their journeys.

She’s a Northwest Indiana native and Indiana University Alum that has worked throughout the Midwest in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Diamyn has created learning and educational tools primarily for fortune 500 and fortune 10 companies, along with nonprofits and local small businesses. Her mission is to educate and provide people with the tools they need to execute and understand their jobs and roles within any organization. She’s a champion for diversity and inclusion through her commitment to drive change that invites all people on the journey to personal and economic growth and sustainability. 


Some people have kids and I have my dog Beanz. I consider him one of my greatest accomplishments. He’s the most loving, sweet, and kind dog you could ever have. He just knows how to put a smile on your face, and he actually smiles back!
The moment I wake up, I immediately start planning my favorite meal, breakfast. I MUST have breakfast and I always encourage others to do the same. I also bake a family famous pound cake that changes lives. It’s an age-old recipe my granny passed down and it’s still going strong.
Fun fact, I am named after the Diamond Head Mountains in Hawaii, and I study crystals and minerals. I consider myself a self-taught gemologist and rock collector. I can identify over 250 different crystal and mineral specimens.
I love being in nature. I am super active and enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking and swimming.
Life is better lived with a drink in hand!
I love to throw on some old-school jams and get lost in music.


Events & Special Projects Manager

Lexie Grimes has a love for the creative process of entrepreneurship, and for cultivating spaces where others can pursue their dreams through this process as well. She believes deeply in the pursuit of equitable economic ecosystems, where all people can pursue their unique ideas and contribute to the holistic development of their communities. 

She was initially drawn to small businesses through the avenue of local coffee shops. In these spaces, she found a place where neighbors could come to learn, gather, play, and dream. Throughout college, she dreamed of starting her own community development-focused coffee shop, and over the last several years has worked in many coffee shops in both barista and management capacities. 

Lexie graduated from Johnson University with a degree in Entrepreneurship. She now lives in Cincinnati with her incredible husband, Johnny, and their dorky dog, Winston. She looks forward to starting a business someday!

As an Operations Coordinator at MORTAR, Lexie will work across all departments to assist in the implementation of our strategic objectives in the midst of rapid growth. She is excited to join in the vision and work of MORTAR!


Winston may be entirely incapable of regulating his emotions… but we love him! He could play fetch for hours on end and must always know what his humans are up to. He also makes an excellent park companion.
This movie quickly became one of my favorite animated films. I love how it (and many recent Disney/Pixar films) challenge societal norms and ask tough questions. I tend to really nerd out while unpacking movies that offer new ways of seeing the world around us, especially ones that communicate deep themes even through childrens’ movies!
I’ve been a barista for about five years, and I just love the craft of coffee. As much as the beverage itself, I love the experience of coffee shops. Any time my husband and I are exploring a new city, one of the first things we find is a favorite local shop!
It may be an unpopular opinion…but I think birds are so cool! During quarantine, I developed a habit of keeping a close eye on my family’s birdfeeder and taking note of the variety of species that would visit. I also just love being around trees and plants, whether that’s through gardening or going on a hike. I feel like I’m always learning through metaphors when I take time to enjoy nature.
I love trying new foods! I also enjoy cooking and usually find it to be very grounding. My family was always experimental with foods and spices, so I think that helped diversify my palate! I also have a tattoo of broccoli, but that’s more a story of friendship than a story of food (:


Programs manager

Tianna is a Cincinnati Native whose passion for her city and the people that reside in it drew her to MORTAR. She is a Miami University Alum where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with a minor in Community-Based Leadership. 

Growing up in the Roselawn neighborhood, she was raised by her grandparents who worked extremely hard to ensure she had every opportunity to be great. Every summer, her grandmother insisted that she learn something new which led to activities such as learning to fly an airplane, equestrian training, volunteering at various organizations. These experiences led Tianna into the non-profit space. As a beneficiary of various efforts from different non-profit orgs, she knew that she wanted to be part of something similar.

MORTAR gives Tianna the opportunity to have a hand in changing the lives of those in her community through entrepreneurship just like the organizations that changed her life by giving her different opportunities while growing up. She’s excited to lean into her new role as Operations Coordinator and can’t wait to contribute her skills and knowledge to the bigger picture.


There is nothing like a good meal! I love to cook and I love trying new restaurants.
I love pop culture and knowing tons of things when it comes to music, art, television, film etc.
Rest is a necessity and I love getting as much as I can!
Getting lost in a good book is so much fun.
From family members, to my best friends, to my chosen family. I love the people around me with all my heart.
Peak cinema. Nothing else to be said.
Music has helped me in literally any given situation. I will know a song from its intro, to its bridge (bring back bridges in songs) adlibs, etc.


Design & Communications Manager

A born and raised Cincinnatian, Cassandra graduated from Cincinnati State with a degree in Web and Multimedia Design in 2019. Fascinated by the countless ways content can be arranged to tell stories, she’s been honing her web skillset ever since. From wireframing to user testing to ideation, she is committed to creating digital content that seamlessly meets and exceeds the user’s needs and expectations. A firm believer in user advocation, she aims to anticipate and solve the question before the visitor has to ask it.

Cassandra began her relationship with MORTAR as an intern while still a student at Cincinnati State and is now proud to be brought onboard as a Design & Communications Manager. She is happy to part of a team advocating for entrepreneurs who aim to build strong, equitable communities.  

When she’s not working on design, you can find her snuggling her dogs and being indecisive about what to have for dinner. 


I love my morning ritual of waking up, filling the kettle with water, placing it on the stove to boil and grinding my own beans.
A timeless anthology series that reveals a truth about humanity in every episode. Unfortunately, some of the things that writers tried to warn us about still exist in American culture. People are still suspicious of their neighbors. Differences are not always celebrated. And we’re frequently more concerned about what we’ve got than helping others. Maybe that’s why the show keeps coming back; every generation needs to learn its lesson.
Having instantaneous text/online communication is great and all but there's nothing like receiving a handwritten note or a postcard.
I have two tiny dogs; Echo and Valentine. They are my babies, my travel companions and my favorite little buddies!
I love a spontaneous road trip, or a long vacation in a far away place. Lately, my husband and I have been into woodsy camping/hiking trips with our two dogs.
I took up candle-making a couple of years ago and fell in love with it! I love crafting scents, cutting and weighing the wax, and designing the packaging. My house smells amazing now!


Program Manager

Sean is a Cincinnati native from North Avondale. Thanks to his Montessori education, Sean has always had a passion for community service, exploration and relationship building. These passions led him to venture to California where he served in the AmeriCorps NCCC program as a Team Leader. This life changing experience opened his eyes to the world of nonprofits and the impact he can make within the social sector.

After graduating with his Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Wright State University, he returned to Cincinnati where he has worked in multiple industries. Through all of his different experiences, he always knew he wanted to jump back into the world of nonprofit leadership. He now serves as a Program Manager for MORTAR where he will help shape the entrepreneurial landscape for marginalized business owners.

When he is not working with MORTAR Sean enjoys bartending, spending time with his broke four-legged best friend Milo, trying new locally owned restaurants and kicking it with the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.


Music - I own several bluetooth speakers, multiple pairs of headphones, a surround sound system and a record player that are all used in rotation. My weekend rituals usually consist of a trip to Shake It Records in Northside.
I love visiting locally owned coffee shops and sampling the various espresso blends they offer. My current favorite is Drip Lounge in Camp Washington.
One thing about me, I’m gonna eat! There is always room in my budget for eating outand I love supporting local chef owned restaurants.
The most difficult part of the pandemic for me was not being able to travel as frequently as I like. I got my passport in the mail exactly one month before the stay at home order, but I’m quickly making up for lost time.
I’m not a big gamer anymore, but I still enjoy evenings playing the Nintendo staples such as Legend of Zelda and Smash Bros (anyone can catch hands in that!)
I don’t know when or how it started but I am an avid sneaker collector! Some of my best memories are from standing outside of the stores overnight waiting for my favorite drops, even in -20 degree blizzardous conditions…


Expansion Director

After spending the last 13+ years in the insurance industry in various sales roles, including owning my own independent agency, I realized my chosen career path lacked fulfillment, purpose, and did not allow me to show up as my full self. As a person who has a heart for service and values authenticity, I was drawn to the MORTAR movement, and chose to marry my high performing sales skills with the desire to help increase opportunities for black and female entrepreneurs.

A Georgia native with roots in rural Mississippi, I remember hearing stories about how my Great Grandfather was given, by his master, the land on which he was enslaved. This created opportunities and paved the way for my Grandfather to graduate from Talladega College, an HBCU, in 1932. As a young adult, I truly began to realize the significance that exposure and resources can have on one’s trajectory, especially for those who are considered marginalized.

In my role as Expansion Director, I utilize my talents to extend MORTAR’s footprint to new cities throughout the country as well as build a strong community of leaders and partners in those respective cities to continue to support the MORTAR alumni network.


A self proclaimed “Stylist by Gift”, one of my favorite pastimes is scouring through luxury consignment and thrift stores to find that one-of-a-kind “must have” piece. I also enjoy working with female or minority designers to create something unique!
Whether it’s rehearsing for a dance performance, a healing hatha yoga session, strength training, or cycling, I have to have some type of movement daily to maintain my sense of self.
There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee (french press or pour over please) from a local, independently owned coffee shop! Whenever I travel to a new city, one of the first things I do (after finding the good food), is locate the best ones to visit.
I consider it a personal challenge to find the best places to eat, and will plan travel around it! It’s a bonus to find a good vegan or plant based restaurant that takes cuisine to the next level.
This little dude is my "why"...period. Don't be surprised if you see him at a MORTAR event working the room; he has made himself an honorary team member!
While domestic travel can be enjoyable, there’s something special and often life changing about experiencing other cultures. I have a few favorite countries already, but I’d love to travel to Indonesia, Spain, and Greece in the near future.
Most people are surprised to find out how much I love the outdoors. Camping, hiking, canoeing, walking barefoot in the dirt, gardening, just being surrounded by nature brings me a sense of peace.


Multimedia Manager

Keitha is an entrepreneur from Cincinnati, OH who has worked in the creative sector for over 10 years. After receiving her  B.A. in Telecommunications from Alabama A&M University, she began her journey of working in front of and behind the camera.  She has worked with Emmy Award Winning shows, scripted and non-scripted television, documentaries and film while living on the west and east coasts.

Serving her community is a priority as she belongs to serval organizations that are invested in positively impacting the lives of others.

Working with MORTAR is full circle for her. As a MORTAR alum and winner of judges’ choice award during her pitch night, Keitha is excited to bring this communities voice and vision to life through the art of storytelling.




Development Manager

Ciarra Wooten (she/they) is a creative professional whose whole endgame centers on building authentic connections to inspire social change and transform communities. She is a mobilizer, an organizer and outspoken champion for the people she rolls with, taking any opportunity to share the great things they are doing out in the world.

She is thrilled to join the MORTAR team as Development Manager and hit the ground running to support the growth and expansion at such a pivotal chapter in MORTAR’s story.

She has a background in leading youth and community arts engagement initiatives in nonprofits and higher education institutions. She earned her BA in Russian with a focus on International Development. Prior to shifting her focus to the arts, she taught ESL at private schools and universities both in Cincinnati and abroad in Turkey.

She is the co-founder of WARMTH Culture, a Cincy-based music collaborative. WARMTH creates safe and inclusive spaces for artistic expression and joy, prioritizing POC, LGBTQIA+, and other historically marginalized creatives. Ciarra aims to cultivate a stronger creative network in the Midwest region, anchoring Cincinnati as a leader for innovation and access to economic expansion and opportunity for emerging creatives and entrepreneurs.

One of her greatest joys is playing the role of the hostess with the mostest for her friends and family at her home in East Price Hill where she lives with her partner and kitty cats. When she’s not attending art openings or music events, she’s outside working in her garden or discovering a new walking path.


(dancing/working out/walking)
Ciarra Wooten Headshot


Office Coordinator

Sudha is from India and moved to the United States with her husband and first daughter in 2003. She is a wife, a proud mother of 3, and an entrepreneur. Growing up along with her extended family, she showed interest in assisting in the family business distributing their products to their clients and checking accounts. Exposure to business in her childhood inspired her to start her freelance job in information technology after she graduated! Since she has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and making homemade food easy, she started her own food business ‘Zylxy Foods’,  with a vision to offer customers the best quality products with NO Preservative and NO Artificial Colors or Flavors.

She is a critical thinker, loves to share her ideas and thoughts, and believes in everything that happens for a reason. She believes in mindfulness, raising awareness, and connecting people to the available resources to help them succeed in their goals.

She has volunteered as a mentor for the ‘First Robotics’ (It’s a competitive STEM program, to design and build Lego robotics that brings STEAM inspiration, holistic skill building, and fun robotics activities) and Destination Imagination (Students work together in teams to solve open-ended STEAM challenges designed to teach the creative process) for her elementary and middle school kids’ team. She has volunteered as a CRM Specialist in Florence Farm Community, San Francisco (Black Farmers Program rehabilitates land, creating a sustainable food system, educating and empowering the Community)

Sudha is excited to use her skills across all departments to assist in implementing our strategic objectives and join in our vision to work at MORTAR!


I love to eat homemade food! My favorite breakfast is a Honey Bunches of Oats and mild spicy food for lunch and dinner.
I watch TV shows or chat with my extended family or having ‘me time doing nothing’ is my favorite part of the day.
We try to have one- or two-family vacations a year, and we visit at least one national park a year.
I must get my morning coffee and evening tea to be productive and active all day.
He is a Pomchis breed, small and very sweet. I would say he is a lap dog and loves to be pampered and to be carried around him.
Long weekends always end up booked a year ahead for meeting friends and extended families, which we always look forward to it.
Printing is something I explore on my own to design and print on different materials like T-Shirts, Tote-bags, Aprons, and Mugs.


Project Specialist

Sadell Bradley is a Cincinnati community leader and pastor of The Warehouse Church. Sadell is a former member of MORTAR’s leadership team, where she served as Strategic Director. Her initial task was to establish MORTAR’s illustrious Alumni Program and Network. Sadell also co-authored the first iteration of the MORTAR Masters Curriculum. She is comShe has returned in a consulting role as Project Specialist. She has experience working for various corporate and non-profit organizations. Sadell hails from Philadelphia, PA, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and United Theological Seminary (MDiv).

Sadell is committed to seeing entrepreneurs and their businesses thrive, and fostering the kind of community within MORTAR that causes everyone to flourish. She is especially concerned with economic justice and equity, and equipping in financial literacy and independence, particularly for women of color.

Sadell is a speaker, trainer, writer, and workshop facilitator. She is married to Sherman, who is a MORTAR graduate (Class 10). They have a blended family of three adult children and three grandchildren. 



Yvette R. Simpson, Esq./MBA

President of the Board

Yvette is the Chief Executive Officer at Democracy for America, a national progressive political organization with more than 1 million members nationwide. She the first woman to serve in this role, and the first woman of color in executive leadership. In 2018, she served as the Federal Electoral Manager for Democracy for America, helping to flip control of the US House with historic victories, including electing the most progressive and diverse coalition of candidates in America’s history. Yvette is also a Political Contributor with ABC News and a panelist on NPR’s Here and Now and 1a.

Yvette also serves as Of Counsel for Ulmer & Berne, LLP, and is the Founder & CEO of Yvette Simpson LLC, Your Power Unlocked, a strategic consulting firm focusing on politics, policy, and program development. Yvette earned undergraduate degrees at Miami University, a law degree from The University of Cincinnati, and her MBA from Xavier University. Yvette served six years on Cincinnati City Council, including four years as President Pro Tempore.

In 2005, Yvette was recognized as one of the Business Courier’s Forty under 40 and a YWCA Rising Star. In 2014, Yvette was honored as one of the YWCA’s Career Women of Achievement. Every year since 2014, Yvette has been named an Ohio Super Lawyer Rising Star, and in 2020 she was named a “Woman of Distinction” by the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. She on proudly serves on as a board member for several local organizations including the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) and the Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses (7HNH).

Ashlee Young

Secretary Of The Board

Ashlee is committed to serving the community and lives by the words of Marian Wright Edelman “Service is the rent we pay for living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.”

Ashlee is able to live by those words in her personal and professional life. Ashlee was first introduced to the Urban League in 2013 as a founding member of Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Southwestern Ohio. Ashlee would later become President and serve on the Urban League Board. Ashlee continues to be active in the movement locally and nationally. Locally she is a current participate in the Urban Leader Institute, Class 26 and nationally she serves as Programs Chair for National Urban League Young Professionals.

Ben Greenberg

Board Member

Ben Greenberg is a Cincinnatian by birth and by choice, a passionate advocate for his city’s success, and a lifelong student of the nuances and intricacies of human experience. He studied English and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and earned a J.D. from NKU’s Chase College of Law before pivoting to a career as a creative entrepreneur. Ben is co-founder and partner at BS LLC, a boutique branding and marketing agency. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library, Breakthrough Cincinnati, and MORTAR Cincinnati.

Kashif Shaikh

Board Member

Kashif Shaikh is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Pillars Fund, an organization that is dedicated to amplifying the leadership, talent and narratives of American Muslims. Previously he was a Program Officer at the McCormick Foundation where he oversaw a portfolio of grants that focused primarily on education, workforce development and homelessness. The son of Pakistani immigrants, Kashif grew up in Cincinnati, OH which is where his love of reading and writing was born. He is passionate about building a world in which all children have the opportunities to unleash their creativity and dream big.



Board Member

Shawn Manns-Collins serves as senior vice president and Consumer Bank CFO. She is responsible for the financial oversight of the Consumer Bank and Wealth and Asset Management line of business. Previously, Shawn served as Director of Financial Planning Analysis for the Bancorp and has performed various finance roles, including Mortgage Line of Business CFO. Shawn prides herself in being a strategic thought leader, having supported and led initiatives to improve bottom-line results. Before joining Fifth Third, Shawn received her MBA from Miami University and worked as an accountant for a local company located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Shawn is involved in various community service and employee engagement activities. Shawn started the first mentoring program in the finance division in 2010. She rotated as the senior leader for the finance division community service program in 2018. Shawn also led the finance division’s Cincinnati 2018 Arts Wave and 2020 United Way campaigns. Shawn is also an ardent supporter of Cry of the Children, Inc., a local not-for profit organization (headquartered in Bloomington, IN) with a mission to “improve the quality of life for adolescents by providing programs and services that enhance and promote the development of effective life and decision making skills.” In 2021, Shawn was selected as a member of the Leadership Cincinnati 45 class, and most recently became a board member of MORTAR Cincinnati. Shawn is married and has four sons.

Chelsey Alexander

Board Member

Chelsey Alexander is a senior executive with 14 years of experience leading multi billion-dollar categories and brand combinations within some of the largest retailers and retail channels. She is a Xavier graduate and frequent Cincinnati resident due to her 12-year career with Cincinnati native CPG company, Procter & Gamble. Her P&G career enabled her to gain a diverse background of selling and marketing experiences and build category expertise and knowledge within personal health care, vitamins and supplements, feminine hygiene, baby care, and beauty / personal care. During her career at P&G she received company and industry recognition for her ability to over deliver business objectives and lead large diverse organizations. One of her proudest accomplishments was to be named the 2021 Inspirational Leadership Award within the Global Baby Care Organization. This prestigious award is given as a part of the Global Baby Care Equity & Inclusion Awards Ceremony and the winner is recognized by the company CEO. Chelsey also recently gained meaningful exposure to the E Commerce and digital media sector as the Vice President of Brand within a founder led, start-up E Commerce accelerator. It was here where she gained real time experience helping small and large brands accelerate their businesses online.

Serving on the Mortar board fits with Chelsey’s passion for programs and organizations that help communities of color achieve sustainable economic equity. Before serving as a board member, Chelsey was a 5-time Mortar Entrepreneurship Academy facilitator and longtime program supporter. She is also a former board member of Next Up Cincinnati where she was responsible for leading the strategy and execution for all Next Up regional programming.

Zahki Davis

Board Member

Zahki Davis is an attorney at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, where he focuses on transactional matters, primarily mergers and acquisitions, and strategic and commercial equity investments. Before joining Taft, Zahki was a corporate attorney at Fifth Third Bank, National Association. Zahki is a member of the National Black Lawyers – Top 40 Under 40. Zahki also sits as a trustee on the Cincinnati Ballet’s Governing Board of Trustees and a Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation board member.

Shantel Routt

Board Member

Shantel Routt is an energetic, results-oriented professional with a solid foundation of experience highlighted by accomplishments. Highly innovative, driven, and organized with a history of developing effective strategies for overcoming challenges and improving results. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that result in productive internal and external relationships. Independent self-starter and natural leader that fosters collaborative efforts toward goals. Strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills with proven success in handling multiple responsibilities and projects in fast-paced environments.

Shantel has over a decade of experience in the financial industry and is currently a Participant Services Manager at Fidelity Investments. She has had several roles within the financial industry such as a treasury Management Specialist, Consumer Supervisor, and a Commercial Manager to just to name a few. She is also deemed a competent communicator through Toastmasters International. Shantel has gone through a variety of leadership training and was also appointed to Officer in her previous role. Shantel is passionate about being the change she wants to see. She understands leadership is more than a title it’s the actions you take daily and helping to uplift others in the process.


Shantel is the owner and lead event producer for Tailored Confetti. Tailored Confetti is your one-stop shop for all your social and corporate event needs. She specializes in event décor, floral décor, clothing customization, and more. Shantel has led and oversaw a variety of corporate events in her time in the financial industry which has provided her with the necessary experience needed to contribute to her current business. Those events included planning a Sustainability event at the Cincinnati Zoo, The “QCYPA” (Queen City Young Professional Accolades), and more. With the events she led, she partnered with P&G, Kroger’s, Ernst & Young, GE, and more to implement this on behalf of her financial institution at the time. This also shows the strong network she has built within her professional experience and within the community.


Shantel is a MORTAR Gold Alum and was the “Judges Choice” winner for her cohort in July 2020. Shantel is active in the community and has led and served in a variety of roles over multiple non-profit events such as Pro Kids Run, Paint the Town with Give Back Cincinnati, Artswave Sing-off, The United Way Carnival and more. Shantel has a passion for organizations such as Mortar and that’s what inspired her to not only be a part of the program and graduate but to continuously be active within the organization. Shantel has a love for the Arts and has been a part of several films and plays here in the Tri-state.


Board Member

Sean Parker is an accomplished business leader with nearly two decades of experience in corporate and financial communications. As the executive director of Main Street Ventures, he is at the forefront of Cincinnati’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering entrepreneurs by providing working capital to build successful businesses and fostering connections within the community. Sean is also the founder of PR|Dominant, a strategic communications firm that helps companies reach their business goals by elevating their reputation and credibility in the marketplace. Sean’s strategic expertise and leadership have enabled him to deliver exceptional results throughout his career, including leadership positions at Nike, P&G, The Kroger Co., and Fifth Third Bank. Sean is a proud graduate of Howard University and Walnut Hills High School. With a commitment to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, Sean aspires to make a make a meaningful impact by increasing access to information and removing financial barriers.


Board Member

Matt is a lifelong Cincinnatian, husband and father, entrepreneur and community stakeholder. He received his degree from the University of Cincinnati, where he studied Organizational Leadership. He has been a business owner and consultant to the logistics industry for nearly 15 years. He is natural born leader with a strong moral compass who is passionate about the city, its residents, and the potential that it holds. He is active in the City’s budding health/wellness and running communities as well as a strong supporter and advocate for Adventure Crew, a local organization that connects teens with nature through outdoor adventures. He fosters strong relationships throughout the city and proclaims himself an “unofficial Cincinnati Ambassador” highlighting everything the Queen City has to offer. He is excited to join the MORTAR team and hopes to continue serving the region’s up and coming entrepreneurs by eliminating unnecessary roadblocks, increasing access, and eliminating inequality wherever possible.

Allen Woods

Board Member

Allen Woods is a devoted husband, father and entrepreneur – in that order. A lifelong Midwesterner, he’s never allowed the size of a city to place a limit on the size of his dreams. Allen is the creative force behind the MORTAR brand, as well as a business consultant and training facilitator for incoming students. Recognized as a 2016 Cincinnati Business Courier 40 under 40 Business Leader, 2017 John F. Barrett Entrepreneur Vision Award and 2017 Echoing Green BMA Fellow, Woods is also a sought-after public speaker who recently shined on the TEDx stage. As a brand strategist and designer, Allen assisted directly in the growth of hundreds of small businesses and personal brands across the globe.

Derrick Braziel

Board Member

Derrick Braziel is a young, creative entrepreneur who is committed to the idea that all it takes to change the world is, “a dollar and a dream.” He supports MORTAR by deepening relationships with various community stakeholders while providing opportunities for external partners to support local entrepreneurs and their ideas. Prior to this, he (with the help of many!) decided to found an Indianapolis non-profit named Dreamapolis which continues to support hundreds of Indianapolis entrepreneurs. His work has led to recognition from the Indianapolis Star as “One to Watch” in 2012; he has been named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for Social Entrepreneurs; he’s a member of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s C-Change Class 11 as well as a BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) Fellow.

William Thomas

Board Member

William Thomas is a passionate advocate, born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Always been passionate about entrepreneurship, he started his first business making and selling origami to his 2nd grade classmates, then as an adult, went on to co-launch two successful non-profit organizations. While William has certainly been able to turn his ideas into reality, he recognizes that many people have not been afforded with those same opportunities. William, in his efforts in fighting inequities, creating opportunities and driving social change, was recently recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs. He has spent many years working to create better systems and policies in Cincinnati and nationwide around education.