UNPOLISHED is an Oxymoron.

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[Photo Credit: The world famous Jim Gormley]

By Sadell Bradley
Catalyst Strategist

.@TheSharkDaymond challenged us to leverage the #PowerOfBroke to tenaciously move toward our goals! Click To Tweet

When you call a conference Unpolished, you’d think the presentation would be a little more unrefined than what the MORTAR Staff and our entrepreneurs experienced at Crossroads last week. Everything was top notch. It’s probably because the conference’s theme didn’t have anything to do with the glorious event or its hosts. It was about the uneven, uncultivated, awkward, clumsy and sometimes crude journey of the enterprising creator of a new business.

At every turn we were challenged to activate our faith: full persuasion and belief not only in our own concepts and abilities but in Divine providence to aid our journey. Crossroads’ Pastor Brian Tome urged us to use our ‘anointing,’ our specific God-given skills and bent toward achieving purpose. Various speakers inspired attendees to tell our stories in more creative and impactful ways. We were challenged to expand our networks and to grow a base of knowledge and influence beyond ourselves. Shark Tank impresario and FUBU creator Daymond John challenged us to  leverage the ‘power of broke’ to tenaciously move toward our goals despite obstacles or distractions. He also encouraged us not to lose focus on what is important, family and relationships, which he deemed true success, on the road to achieving our dreams.

It was AMAZING! and MORTAR was all over it.

MORTAR’s auspicious and engaging Chief Vision Caster, Allen Woods, served with excellence as the MC for the entire event. He also did a wonderful job interviewing MORTAR’s phenomenal Board Member, Natasia Malaihollo, founder and CEO of the tech firm Wyzerr. She shared unabashedly about how her faith in Christ has guided her leadership and decision-making. Though Natasia is a tremendously intelligent executive and former law student, she ascribed to God both the inspiration and credit for opening the doors and granting opportunities she would not have otherwise have had. Her gratefulness and humility in success was so inspiring.

And that’s not all…

MORTAR’s represented entrepreneurs: Kristen Bailey and her team at Sweets & Meats BBQ, Mike & Tia Brown of the West End Gallery, Rebecca Denney of Paleolicious, Que Kinebrew of Brewing Arts and Shanelle Smith & Dawn Whiteside of Masterpiece Men’s Consignment, all did an OUTSTANDING job showcasing their various and sundry business concepts and products!  Brandon Black of Drawnversation was engaged in capturing the event and several of MORTAR’s Alumni were in attendance to glean insights and motivation to go to the next level. We are so proud of you guys!

Finally MORTAR Staff, Chaos Coordinator Miranda Millard and Catalyst Strategist Sadell Bradley (that’s me), shared the MORTAR story with about 150 eager and enthusiastic potential class participants and mentors at the event. Congratulations to all the MORTAR family! #wearemortar

Throughout the year Unpolished holds events that you might want to engage. So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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