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We’re at that season… Celebrations of life under late curfewed sunsets and twinkling fireflies camouflaged by the stars of awakening night skies. Lots of weddings, baby showers, outdoor parties and graduations. I absolutely love summertime! For me, it feels like a season of new chances and next levels. As the caps and gowns move across the stages all across America, I can’t help but think about how these commencement ceremonies are often the beginning of new career journeys and the start of new lives.

This is also true with the graduations & pitch nights at MORTAR. It’s been amazing to see 17 classes of program participants come through with great ideas, watch them start to understand why the ability to pivot is essential, and ultimately come to a place where they’re starting to live out their dreams. As we prepare for the graduation of classes 18 & 19, I am optimistic about the changes; not just in their lives but also the changes they’ll bring to their communities. That, my friends, is a recipe for a beautiful season.

See you at graduation on June 11th!


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