Staying Centered in a World of Chaos

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
Self Care Schisms of a Chaos Coordinator

By Miranda Millard
Chaos Coordinator

#Entrepreneurship requires an audacity of valor & courage that deserves frequent TLC. Click To Tweet

Life is multitudinous and infinite in its expression.  As humans we are continually navigating the full spectrum of what life has to offer.  It’s good, it’s bad – we celebrate, lament and remorse.  There’s harmony, discord and then there’s chaos.  Entrepreneurs are humans too (though I know we appear super human to many) and when you take on the brave journey of creating your own business you quickly realize that chaos ensues in entrepreneurship as it does in life; and thus it’s important to create balance. Self-care is critical.  As you make it a priority to bring your best self into manifestation it will pay itself forward into all you do.

Stress Management.  We’ve all got stress and to be effective in business and beyond means learning how to manage stress with healthy coping skills.  Binge drinking might take all your worries away but is toxic and dangerous.  Take time to identify things that can help decompress stress in positive ways – a walk, exercise, meditation, journaling or even deep breaths.  The key is to figure out what works best for you.
Eliminate toxicity.  Toxic people, places, relationships or substances can wreak havoc on our personal and professional lives.  Pay attention to how your environment, activities and the people that you surround yourself with make you feel.  If the role served doesn’t uplift and enable you to grow – it may be time to reevaluate and eliminate.
Love yourself.  As cliche as it is – all the success in the world will mean nothing if you don’t have a strong foundation of self love.  Self-care schisms can help you get there – make the practice of self-care a gift you give to yourself.
Foster fellowship.  A misconception of self-care is that you do it all by yourself.  We all need support and accountability.  Utilize your resources and network of support to keep you on track with caring for yourself.  Ask for what you need and you’ll be amazed at how the simple act of asking will open you up to receive.
(Pause & Connect). Life is busy, entrepreneurship is busy and there can be a tendency to go, go, go.  Be intentional about taking time to push the pause button every now and then.  Sometimes you won’t have to push pause- things will be on hold when you want them to move.  Learn to sit in and embrace the stillness. There are cycles and rhythms to everything – a stand still can be a deep breath that prepares you for when things hit hyper drive again. Enjoy it.
Celebrate success.  It’s easy to get caught up in the grind and hustle of hard work when you’re striving for excellence.  And while this is commendable – don’t short sight yourself (or your team) in celebrating victories.  As you’re working towards that Big Hairy Audacious Goal – be intentional to make time to celebrate victories and achievements along the way.
Allow mistakes.  Allowing yourself to get things wrong and fail forward without berating yourself is such an important part of self-care.  Your perspective can lift you up or tear you down.  Look for the growth and the lessons when things don’t go right.  Know that mistakes are a part of business and what makes us human. Use them to propel you forward instead of hold you back.
Realize your worth.  You deserve to succeed and to thrive – so does your business.  When you know what you deserve you won’t allow yourself to settle for anything less.  Your dreams are worth pursuing and investing in – you are worth pursuing and investing in.  Know this and own it.
Enjoy the journey.  The end of the roller coaster isn’t where the thrills are and the same holds true of success.  Success is in the journey.  Care for yourself and care for your business.  The practice of self-care can contribute to your success and help you enjoy the ride.  

Entrepreneurship requires an audacity of valor that deserves frequent TLC.  As your embark on the path of ownership through entrepreneurship, own yourself as well, – the results will catalyze you to all you deserve and more.  


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