New Represent initiative aims to bring more black-owned businesses to Over-the-Rhine

“Over-the-Rhine is one of the most popular business areas now, especially for folks that want to walk around and go to different bars, restaurants and retail shops. Unfortunately, it has not been very representative of the Cincinnati community so far,” said William Thomas, co-founder and expansion director of MORTAR, a business accelerator for low-income, inner-city entrepreneurs. “With all this energy that’s being put into Over-the-Rhine right now, I do feel like there’s an opportunity to change that," he said, "and in an ideal world, create the most diverse business district in Cincinnati and create a model that can be shown to the rest of the country.” William Thomas Over-the-Rhine community leaders and others with an interest in the neighborhood came up with Represent in a working group that Cincinnati City councilmembers Tamaya Dennard and Greg Landsman convened. MORTAR and the Over-the-Rhine Chamber are leading the effort along with a committee of representatives from the African American Chamber, 3CDC, Findlay Market, Model Group and Urban Sites.


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