MORTAR Alumni take part in City Flea Preview

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Kyla Woods
Communications & Public Relations Strategist

MORTAR was fortunate enough to have alumni feature their products at the exclusive City Flea Preview on April 8th. MORTAR received a booth that was shared with Donny Harper of GO(O)D Co. Apparel.  Alumni Christina Davis (Davis Cookies) and Erikka Gray (District 78) were close by at their own respective tables inside 21c Hotel and Museum. The atmosphere was electric and it was a wonderful opportunity for our alumni to gain exposure to a crowd that they might not otherwise have access to.

We asked Donny, Christina, and Erikka about their experiences, and what advice they would offer to other entrepreneurs looking for the same retail opportunities.

Was this your first time as an exhibitor at City Flea? If so, was it everything you expected it to be?

Donny: Yes this was my first time and it was exactly what I expected! Jam packed with people from all walks of life coming to support small and growing businesses.
Christina: Yes this was our first time participating in City Flea. It was a great experience!
Erikka: No I’ve participated as a vendor for the last 5 years.

What was your overall experience like at City Flea?

Donny: My overall experience was very GO(O)D! I was able to network and build my brand in various ways.
Christina: We were able to introduce our product to new faces and a different population of customers.
Erikka: I’ve always been very successful at City Flea. It’s important to set yourself apart from everyone else. It’s been a great way to get the word out about my business.

In addition to our presence at the City Flea preview, MORTAR will have a booth at some of the Spring/Summer Fleas and will rotate representation of the Alumni there.


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