Leading the Leader

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By Tim Barr, Expansion Coordinator
March 5, 2020

Who’s going to lead your thoughts if you don’t?

How many times have we sat back and thought about something: an idea, a concept, or a dream – and knew it would be so live and it’s exactly what the world needs, but never allow it to find its way to the surface? 

I know I have. And lately it has been frustrating to notice this pattern in some of my behaviors. So, I took a dive to really explore, why? Why is it that these amazing, if not brilliant, ideas never see the light of day? Is it really that I don’t have enough time? Was it actually a bad idea? Am I not tapping in to the right resources?

 After I eliminated the actual bad ideas, here’s what I was left with: certain ideas never came through because of fear and lack of dedication. Admitting that, in itself, is personally a hard pill to swallow. The barriers that stand between us and our greatest success stories are often barriers we create ourselves! 

Overcoming these self-limiting obstacles wouldn’t be easy, but I knew it had to start with step one: doing away with fear. This was the first thing that needed to be addressed, and if I ignore it,  it serves me no real purpose nor the people around me. I’m realizing, especially now, the spaces I find myself in are much more receptive to out of the box and innovative thinking. Spaces that allow radical self-expression and knowing there’s not just one answer but being able to explore ideas with people to establish well-rounded solutions. The second piece is dedication, which brings us the answer to the initial question. The idea curator must be dedicated to and believe in the idea from start to finish. Of course there will be people who support, believe in, and fund the idea along the way – but it was your mind that gave birth to it, so its success and upbringing must be led by the same power and conviction that was initiated in you. In these times I’m reminded that leadership won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 

YOU got this! WE got this. And God got US!

MORTAR Expansion Coordinator, Tim Barr, reflects on self doubt and negative thoughts in an a honest and transparent blog post. #MORTARStaffBlog #MORTARExpansion Click To Tweet

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