Give Yourself A Break

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Give yourself another chance. You didn’t get that loan or grant? You were rejected when you applied for that job or opportunity? Ask again, but this time inquire at a different place or appeal to a new person. Persistence does pay off. 

The inward trial of perfectionists is wanting all conditions to be flawless. We want kismet. We crave miracles. We believe only in fate. Faultless journeys seldom happen in life, love, or business. Do we REALLY want things to be perfect? If our stories were unblemished, wouldn’t they be a little boring? It would certainly take the climax out of every great movie, TV show, or play!

Perhaps you jumped into your dream, relationship, or business with great zeal, but poor timing and you’ve had to pay some ‘stupid tax.’ Celebrate the fact that you took action at all. Most people just let their ideas stall out. After you’re done celebrating your pioneering spirit…get back up and try again. 

Maybe your financial ducks aren’t currently in a row. You took a hit on an investment, or plunged into debt trying to fund a portion of your vision. There is a fix for financial trouble – even if you’ve caused it. It’s usually not quick nor easy and it will take a lot of discipline. So, look into credit repair. Automate a small amount of money to be saved weekly. Find a financial advisor, take a seminar, or read a book. Don’t stew in fear and discouragement, make daily steps toward financial freedom.

Got regrets? Are you disappointed with a huge error or a small mistake? Is it possible your image of where you should be by now isn’t your current reality? Honor the fact that you’re still breathing. Fight your inward battles with the weapon of gratitude. If you observe the problems of others around the world, you’ll probably find you have much to be thankful for. Appreciate that you still have great ideas and the strength to engage them. 

Sometimes we become so frustrated with ourselves or our environment that paralysis sets in. We know we ‘need’ to do the thing, reset the goal or revive the project, but some lie inside our head tells us it’s too late or that nobody will care about the idea we’re holding our hearts. Recently, I had one of those thoughts and was able to identify it as an enemy.  I had to ask, “Is that really something you’d say to yourself? How true is that?” We allow things to play over and over in our own minds that we’d NEVER say to someone else. 

So…give yourself a break. Forgive your own mistakes. Cut yourself some slack and try again. 

-Sadell Bradley
Strategic Director

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