EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what Mortar is up to in Walnut Hills

"It's been a huge opportunity for us to really step out of what has kind of become our comfort zone of being in OTR," Mortar co-founder Allen Woods told me. "In OTR, because the area has already had so much redevelopment, it was almost easier to step in there and start doing what we are doing. Going into Walnut Hills, the progress hasn't been made yet. We're walking in at a really good time to implement certain cultural things l ike making sure that small businesses are a huge part of the tapestry and making sure we can get the residents as involved as possible." Five of the new members of the13-business class hail from Walnut Hills and half of the crop plans to or already do operate their business in the neighborhood.
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Cincinnati Business Courier
by Andy Brownfield

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