Crew Love [Staff Edition]: Shannon Hooten

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Your neighborhood: Current: Hartwell
Tell us more about your role at MORTAR.
As the Retail & Events Manager at MORTAR, I help small businesses and entrepreneurs book and coordinate their pop up shops at our four pop up shop locations by giving them the opportunity to test their product or service in a retail environment and gain exposure for their business. I also coordinate our company events surrounding MORTAR’s Entrepreneurship Academy, fundraising, and community outreach.

Share your thoughts on the idea of “building community through entrepreneurship.”
Building community through entrepreneurship is about opening doors for the people within the ignored and/or forgotten communities of Cincinnati by giving them the opportunity to actively pursue their dreams and be a part of building or rebuilding their own neighborhoods.

In what ways do you desire to see entrepreneurs grow?
I love seeing entrepreneurs go from the idea phase to execution but it may be the easiest part of the journey. Where the real tests comes is continuing to pursue your business with as much passion when all of the fun of creating is over. I desire to see entrepreneurs be as passionate or determined to master the not so fun part of owning a business such as, accounting, marketing, networking, time-management, etc.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle(s) MORTAR’s entrepreneurs are facing?
In my opinion, the biggest obstacle for MORTAR entrepreneurs is being different. With so many new businesses springing up every year, it’s hard to be unique. There can be more than one business offering the same product or service but what makes YOU stand out from the other twenty? Why should people buy your t-shirt? What makes your cupcake better than his/hers?

What do you bring to the Team that will be unique and beneficial in serving MORTAR’s entrepreneurs?
I’ve worked in Retail and Customer Service for over ten years, holding several positions from cashier to management. I can provide that knowledge to MORTAR entrepreneurs if they have questions about opening their own brick and mortar or retail space.

What are your favorite hobbies/interests?
I love to read and write most of all. I also like watching space documentaries.

If someone was visiting Cincinnati for the day, what 3 places would you suggest they go?
Eden Park & Cincinnati Art Museum, Findlay Market, Skyline

What’s a quote that you live by?
“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” – Harry Potter


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