Crew Love [Staff Edition]: Sadell Bradley

“Crew Love” is an ongoing series that explores the MORTAR team, alumni, board members and partners - sharing their insights as to why they believe in MORTAR’s mission of providing equitable access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this edition, we’re talking to MORTAR’s Catalyst Strategist, Sadell Bradley.
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College Hill

What drew you to working with the team at MORTAR?
Initially, I was asked to develop a workshop for one of MORTAR’s proposed community training classes.  As we were discussing the possibilities, they mentioned that Mortar was looking to hire someone to provide support for its alumni entrepreneurs.  When the job description was released I jumped at the chance to become a part of the team.

What is your role within the company?
I serve as MORTAR’s Catalyst Strategist. My main responsibility is supporting, encouraging, resourcing, coaching and providing systems of accountability for alumni for the first 18 months after graduation. I am also tasked with establishing a database that tracks progress to ensure that Mortar is meeting its desired ends and objectives. My role will be a combination of hand-holding, butt-kicking and releasing our alumni to achieve their own greatness.

How are you most looking forward to contributing to the entrepreneurs that we work with?
I am looking forward to seeing people discover that the answer to their progress and problems lies within them. I love to see the aha! in a person’s eyes when they realize they knew what to do all along.  I want them to know that we are available to help and support, but that ultimately…they can do it! Instilling that confidence is crucial to long-term sustainability and success.

When the work day is getting hectic, what song do you play in the office to help you stay on track?
Right now I play Travis Greene’s The Hill – the whole CD.  It’s very calming and reassuring.

Share your thoughts on the idea of “building community through entrepreneurship.”
As a musical person, I’ve always loved that the origin of the word entrepreneur refers to the director of a musical institution. In that way, entrepreneurs are like conductors, the accomplishment of their idea or vision brings together various groups of people with differing skills and abilities. They coordinate together to make one harmonious ‘sound’ that  positively impacts anyone in their sphere of influence.  The unveiling of a new business evokes any of a range of positive emotions within its audience. Business success also brings about a refreshing synergy in the community, because of the number of moving parts it takes to create it. This cooperative interaction and combined effort, particularly in communities that have been marginalized – like music, can change the entire atmosphere and dynamic of a neighborhood, offer hope to its citizens and youth, and says it’s ok to imagine, dream and leave a legacy.

Final thoughts?
I am happy and honored to be a part of the MORTAR family, a team that not only pursues but captures excellence.


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