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Meet Shannon Cheek, Expansion Director!

Crew Love” is an ongoing series that explores our team and gives insight as to why they believe in MORTAR’s mission. 

Your name?
Shannon 🙂

Your Neighborhood?
Not from Cincy so I haven’t settled on one yet!

What drew you to working with the team at MORTAR?
I wanted to leave the “box” of corporate America for more meaningful work. It was critical that I landed in an environment where my skills brought value to the organization and where I could bring the authentic “me” to the office every day.

What is your role within the company?
Expansion Director

How are you most looking forward to contributing to the entrepreneurs that we work with?
We are creating a movement and my contribution is to help take the movement as far and wide as possible! There are entrepreneurs waiting on MORTAR to come to their city…they just don’t know it yet!

When the work day is getting hectic, what song do you play in the office to help you stay on track?
It varies, but right now Cleo Sol or PJ Morton bring the calming vibes for me.


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