Crew Love [Intern Edition]: Andres Contreras

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Reading Time: < 1 minute
Your neighborhood:
Clifton. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I got to Cincy in January.

What toppings are on a perfect pizza?
Lots of veggies with some Pepperonis!

What is your role within the company?
Summer intern in Business Development and Expansion

Why does the work that MORTAR is doing in communities matter?
To me is very simple, everyone deserves a fair shot at succeeding. When the system hinders the possibilities of a group of people, something must be done. MORTAR’s approach is unconventional, inventive and creative, and above all is working! Government can not solve all social issues, and that’s where community members step in.


If you could only listen to one musician/artist/band for the rest of your life, who would that be? Why?
Juan Luis Guerra. His merengues are everlasting.

If you could be the mayor of Cincinnati for a day, what’s one thing that you would change?
I would promote a study-abroad-like Neighborhood Exchange Program. Just as we send students abroad to study and learn from other cultures, we would also benefit from understanding better our own neighborhoods.


Share your thoughts on the idea of “building community through entrepreneurship.”
Today, Entrepreneurship sounds hip and cool, it has become a trending topic. But, entrepreneurship has always been something ingrained in our neighborhoods. Let’s not forget about that.

Final thoughts?
I joined MORTAR because I want to explore the possibility of taking the model to emerging countries like Venezuela. What do you think? Is it a crazy idea? Tell me about it, I want to know what your thoughts are:

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