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Meet Cassandra Maslin, Design & Communications Manager!

Crew Love” is an ongoing series that explores our team and gives insight as to why they believe in MORTAR’s mission. 

Your name?

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What drew you to working with the team at MORTAR?
I first learned about MORTAR in 2019 via an internship opportunity through my school. Once I interviewed with Allen and met the team, I got a strong understanding that my work and expertise would be valued. The fact that our CEO is a fellow creative helped me acclimate to my role and helped nurture my professional growth.

MORTAR has had an invaluable impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of not only Cincinnati – but nationwide. It feels amazing to be a part of a movement that’s so much bigger than myself or a company’s bottom line. To be able to serve our entrepreneurs is an honor and privilege!

What is your role within the company?
Design and Communications Manager. If you see it – I was likely the one who made it 🙂

How are you most looking forward to contributing to the entrepreneurs that we work with?
It’s always a joy to see the growth and successes of our participants and alumni. Watching them overcome obstacles, learn valuable insight from our facilitators and subject matter experts, and expand their networks is so cool! It’s incredible knowing that you play some small part of helping someone else’s dreams come true.

When the work day is getting hectic, what song do you play in the office to help you stay on track?
My all-time go-to song when I’m feeling stressed or in need of a pick-me-up is ’11th Dimension’ by Julian Casablancas. It’s energetic, fun, and a reminder to not let your insecurities keep you from joining in on the enjoyment of life!


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