Crew Love is an ongoing series that explores the MORTAR team, alumni, board members and partners - sharing their insights as to why they believe in MORTAR’s mission of providing equitable access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
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Your name:
Richard Westheimer

Your neighborhood:
Clermont County – the westernmost county in Appalachian Ohio

What toppings are on a perfect pizza?
Garlic, more garlic.  Did I mention garlic? Banana peppers and caramelized onions, too.  Did I mention garlic?

Why does the work that MORTAR is doing in communities matter?MORTAR’s work gives the gift of historically marginalized communities considering their possibilities and potential – in community.

If you could only listen to one musician/artist/band for the rest of your life, who would that be? Why?
Hmmmm.  The Beatles.  I know, how white and boomer can I get, right?  Just keeping it 100, here.

If you could be the mayor of Cincinnati for a day, what’s one thing that you would change?
Make every neighborhood a walking neighborhood – complete with a great grocer, library, employment possibilities, a variety of places to eat, main streets open only to pedestrians, great access to public transit and bicycle lanes, ample green space for play and gathering, and plenty of affordable housing.

Share your thoughts on the idea of “Building businesses. Transforming Cities.”
All sorts of people want to work for themselves and build a business that reflects their values and culture. The more types of people who have the opportunity to do this, the more vibrant the city.

Final thoughts?
MORTAR and its people stand for many of the values I have about sustaining vibrant prosperous communities for all residents.  I completely excuse their lack of commitment to garlic on pizza because of all of our other shared values.

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