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Zachary Thomas

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Boxercise Powered by The Cincinnati Trainer, LLC

Your Neighborhood
Mount Washington

Tell Us About Your Business:
Boxercise Powered by The Cincinnati Trainer, LLC is your number one mobile, boxing fitness company. The Cincinnati Trainer brings boxing fitness to the corporate and small business world. We put a twist on health and wellness by using boxing like the pros without the blows as your low-to-high intensity, number one, ultimate fitness exercise. You can sign up for one-on-one boxing fitness training, small group, or even classes where we come to you. Or you can visit our fabulous, two floor boxing and weight lifting gym located in Mount Washington. We also specialize in medical, alternative fitness programs for individuals suffering from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. We utilize the fundamentals of boxing as our number one exercise for individuals with physical challenges.

What toppings are on your perfect pizza?

Why does the work that MORTAR is doing in our communities matter?
It matters because the work that MORTAR is doing acts as a conduit; connecting small and minority entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to allow them to learn, grow and thrive while providing new and innovative goods and services and sharing what they have created with others.

If you could only listen to one musician/artist/band for the rest of  your life who would that be and why?
That artist would be Teddy Pendergrass! His music and the sound of his voice puts me in the place of attracting love, peace and happiness without fail. His song and number one hit, ‘You Inspire Me’, brought me my beautiful, soon to be wife, Charlene Monroe. 

Thinking about what you’ve learned on your entrepreneurial journey, if you could go back in time to the day you started your business and tell yourself one thing, what would you say to yourself?
I would tell myself that I am at the right place at the right time for all of the right reasons. Keep going and everything you need will be placed in front of you at the right time. You will never fail as long as you are in alignment with source energy. Look within yourself for all is there seeking expression from you; your future is now!

If you could be the mayor of Cincinnati for a day what’s one thing you would change?
I would incorporate a meditation class option within our Cincinnati Public Schools curriculum. As an alumni and father of current CPS students, I believe that if every school taught and fostered an environment where children could meditate for one hour per day, it would promote relaxation and clarity of mind. Doing so would provide and teach our children this powerful coping skill that decreases stress during times such as test taking, social/peer interaction (bullying/teasing), and reduces worrying, etc.

Share your thoughts on MORTAR’s concept of “Building Businesses; Transforming Cities:
I believe that the work that is being done is imperative for minorities, women and the disproportionately, under-represented individuals with our community who have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are often lacking the business skills and literacy needed to take their ideals to the next level. MORTAR provides them with the proper knowledge and blue print to transform their visions into viable, thriving businesses. Small, women and minority owned businesses then become the life blood of their communities; economically and socially uplifting and encouraging the people they touch with leadership, hope and a glaring example of what is possible.

Where can people find out more about your business:
Location: 2210 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Phone: (513) 516-0286
Web Address:
Facebook: CincinnatiTrainer
Instagram: cincyboxercise

Final Thoughts:
All things are possible if you believe and just keep going!

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