Crew Love [Alumni Edition]: Donny Harper – GO(O)D Company Apparel

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Your neighborhood: College Hill

Tell us about your business and how you got started.
GO(O)D Company stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will encourage, support and build you up on your road to success. With it’s unique logo, it’s a word that can be viewed two different ways. The second “O” in “GO(O)D” is in parentheses, making it applicable or non-applicable. So, it not only says “GOOD”, but it also says, “GOD”. Our motto is simple, “Keep GO(O)D Company”. A lot of us are here today because we kept “GOOD” company and whether we knew it or not, we kept “GOD” company.

Our slogan and desire is to encourage individuals to “wear who you are and live what you believe”. If you believe that you are GO(O)D Company, wear it!

I got started with two friends, Larissa Leeper and Corie Blount. Larissa designed the GO(O)D logo for the brand and created the website. She has played a major part in the branding and direction of the company. Corie Blount introduced me to his connections for blank garments and printing. I was also blessed with a loan of about $600 that I paid off within the first 3 months of launching the brand.

When you think back to your class experience, what was your biggest takeaway from the MORTAR curriculum?
When I think about the class experience I had with Mortar, one of the biggest things I took away was that it helped me get a true perspective on what it takes to create, manage and run a successful business. The classes broadened my thinking and challenged me in ways I may have never thought of.

In what ways have you continued to grow your business since graduation?
The ways I have continued to grow is in my marketing and understanding of finances. These are the two things that I really needed help with. The Mortar class has helped me to focus and pinpoint my customer, and enlightened me on how to reach them effectively.

When you think of where you’d like for your business to go, what’s the biggest obstacle you’re trying to overcome?
The biggest obstacle I would like to overcome is time management. I believe that the better I can manage my time, the more I can accomplish.

How important is it for Entrepreneurs to have access to capital, such as the Iron Chest Fund?
It is extremely important for Entrepreneurs to have access to capital because it gives us the capability to not only start a business, but most importantly, to get things done on a top notch, professional level.

If someone wants to support your business, what’s the best way to do that?
The best way someone can support my business is to follow us on social media and visit our website to order some of our apparel! I am also looking to speak about the brand to people of all ages, especially youth groups, about the importance of keeping good company. I would like to share my story about why we chose to take that message to the fashion industry. Also stop by my pop up shop this weekend in OTR!

Website & social media links?

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