COUNTDOWN TO JUNETEENTH : An Interview With Lisa Mays

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At MORTAR, we have the honor of witnessing Black excellence every day. We see it in the talent, dedication, and drive of our alumni and staff and witness it in the support of our community. Juneteenth is equal parts celebration and remembrance; honoring the heroes of the past and celebrating Black bravery, resilience, accomplishment, and joy.

In continued celebration of our nine-year anniversary and in the weeks counting down to Juneteenth, we asked our alumni how they celebrate the holiday, who from history inspires them, and how it feels to be a part of MORTAR’s story in our ninth year.

Your name?
Lisa Mays

Head 2 Toe Body Waxing

What year did you graduate from MORTAR?

What stands out most to you regarding the story of MORTAR over the past 9 years?
The story of MORTAR that stands out to me is how the organization started. 3 founders based out of Hamilton County. And now it’s 9 years later and they have positioned themselves to help small business owners in multiple states. That’s inspiring, to say the least!

Did your family have any traditions for celebrating Juneteenth? How do you celebrate now?
Every year for Juneteenth we would go to the Juneteenth festival at Daniel Drake Park in Kennedy Heights. It was always My father, my twin sister, and myself. It was our yearly tradition. Now I try to make sure I at least take the day off for Juneteenth and spread the word about our heritage. I also make sure I acknowledge Juneteenth on all of my business platforms.

In celebration of Juneteenth, who is someone that has inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey? How have they inspired you?

Madame CJ Walker was the woman I looked up to as a little girl always interested in beauty. She was so much more than a beautician she was a black female business owner that was non-existent back in her day. She created and sold products that were exclusively for us by us. She was and still is my inspiration.

* Madam CJ Walker | Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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