Cincinnati Councilman Wants To Limit Fees, Commissions Food Delivery Apps Charge Restaurants

On Wednesday, Cincinnati Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld said what he calls sometimes "exorbitant" fees delivery companies charge to restaurants in the city need to be capped at 15 percent, at least until restaurants in the city no longer face restrictions related to the coronavirus. "This is about going to bat for the people that make this community what it is," Sittenfeld said. "Government is not taking over their thing. We’re saying, ‘Let’s make this fair.’ And 30 percent is not fair and it’s hurting our local community."
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Todd Dykes, Investigative Reporter
Updated: 5:25 PM EDT May 6, 2020


If measure takes effect, 15% cap would be in place until coronavirus restrictions lifted for city restaurants.

Cincinnati city councilman @PGSittenfeld expresses concern about food delivery services overcharging customers and restaurants to use their services, and is looking to cap those fees placed on restaurants at 15%. @SweetsandMeats… Click To Tweet


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