Because, LEGACY.

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By Allen Woods
Founding Partner, Chief Vision Caster & Branding Gladiator

We aren’t all built to be tidal waves, besides.. even a droplet makes ripples in still water. Click To Tweet

Sometimes when I watch the news or check my Facebook feed, I can’t help but wonder where we are headed as a nation. It seems like no matter which direction we look there’s always some sort of chaos and confusion – but, we often feel that there’s only so much that we can control individually.

I am encouraged by knowing that there is opportunity buried in every day that I’m alive; and it’s up to me to find it and make something of it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day happenings that we don’t recognize the fact that we are not simply living for today but also living for our tomorrows and for the legacies that we will leave behind.

Cincinnati (and the world) recently lost an amazing entrepreneur, husband, father and grandfather, Devan Johnson. At the young age of 43, the celebrity barber and stylist left behind a lot of memories, laughs and a few tears.. but most of all, he leaves a legacy of what’s possible with faith, determination and a lot of hustle.

That alone is enough to inspire each of us to get up, turn off the TV and be legacy driven; living our lives to make a difference. Devan was an inspiration – showing the kind of impact we can each have in the world. Impact is not a one-size fits all concept though, it comes in all shapes, sizes and expressions.. So even if you can’t be the next BIG thing, be the next SMALL thing. We aren’t all built to be tidal waves, besides.. even a droplet makes ripples in still water.

We have the power to CHOOSE what we bring into this life and the impact we’ll leave it with. All of our talents, gifts and abilities have meaning and serve a purpose.

In honor of his legacy, please consider a donation to the Devan Johnson Memorial Fund:

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