A Seat at the Table

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Roycelle Parker, Office Manager
September 12, 2019

Seat…seated…a special chair of one in eminence…the status represented by it…a right of sitting…a seat of learning…forming the base of something…using experience and intuition rather than mechanical aids or formal theory…to cause to sit or assist in finding a seat…to repair the seat of or provide a new seat for.

Take a look at where you are sitting right now. Who is sitting with you and around you? What are they saying? Are you listening/observing? Who was responsible for you being allowed to sit where you are sitting? Are you taking advantage of the privilege of your seat?  Do you understand that not everyone can sit where you sit?

From childhood, I have taken note of where I was seated: under the piano as my Aunt Gwen sang hymns of thanksgiving to the Lord; always in the room on the floor (out of the way) when my mom and her siblings were together talking, laughing, fighting, singing (instead of outside playing with the rest of the kids); as first chair playing clarinet; lead singer opening up for Dorinda Clark (Clark Sisters); having a Governor’s wife as my boss/mentor; interviewed and hired for my current job (which I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE) even though due to a medical emergency I missed the deadline to schedule an interview…

What I didn’t always take note of was who allowed me in the room? Who offered me that seat? Who thought enough of me that I should be sitting where I am sitting?

My mom or aunts/uncles could have run me out of the room while they were singing and praising the Lord or while they were having family discussions. But they didn’t.  I thought there was another clarinet player wayyyyy better than me. But my music teacher chose me as first chair. My current boss did not have to provide me another opportunity to interview, but he did.

So many doors of opportunity have been opened in my life because somebody let me in. Somebody opened the door.  Somebody considered me important enough, talented enough, humble enough, “worthy” enough to have a seat.

What a huge blessing and privilege to have a front-row seat of someone’s life; or to actually be that “fly on the wall” at upper-level meetings and private breakfasts; or to have the ear of an expert who chooses to mentor you…none of these things are happenstance. You were favored! Appreciate it. Acknowledge it. Be grateful for it. 

Now. That room that you are seated in right now… are you paying attention?

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