6: Allen Woods – MORTAR

Allen Woods is the creative force behind Mortar. Mortar is a Cincinnati based non-profit organization that focuses on providing opportunities for entrepreneurship for nontraditional entrepreneurs. He has over 25 years of business experience along with a background in Design and Branding. He has been recognized locally and nationally for his leadership in our community both through Mortar and throughout his career for bringing life to businesses. On this episode of Unfinished Business, Allen shares his story of how creativity and passion to help entrepreneurs has been the key ingredient to his success throughout his career. "Cincinnati was designed to be a stepping stone for me and my family... but that has now changed. Not only is Cincinnati now home for us but we're also committed to making our community better." "What would happen if we created opportunities for residents to become entrepreneurs? What if we gave them the actual tools to pursue their dreams?" "For us, it's all about building the community and to focus on investing in the people within those communities." "Being a Co-Founder of Mortar is more like a brotherhood than a partnership!"


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