3 Takeaways from an Entrepreneurship Retreat

"There are times when you feel like you have already reached your destination, but this experience has given me the ability to stretch, realizing there is something else that I have the ability to grow into." -Allen Woods Founding Partner, MORTAR
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By Cara Lee
Echoing Green

This month, we introduced 36 new leaders to our community: the 2017 Echoing Green Fellows. To kick off their lifelong journey with Echoing Green, we gathered them in New York for the New Fellows Retreat. The 2017 Fellows — who work on a diversity of issues from equipping U.S. communities with comprehensive data on police violence to empowering women farmers in Africa — traveled to the retreat from 15 countries and across the United States. During the weeklong retreat, they got to know one another and also made connections with the broader Echoing Green community in New York.



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