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COUNTDOWN TO JUNETEENTH : An Interview With Crystal Render

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At MORTAR, we have the honor of witnessing Black excellence every day. We see it in the talent, dedication, and drive of our alumni and staff and witness it in the support of our community. Juneteenth is equal parts celebration and remembrance; honoring the heroes of the past and celebrating Black bravery, resilience, accomplishment, and joy.

In continued celebration of our nine-year anniversary and in the weeks counting down to Juneteenth, we asked our alumni how they celebrate the holiday, who from history inspires them, and how it feels to be a part of MORTAR’s story in our ninth year.

Your name?
Crystal Render

Magnificent Morsels Catering

What year did you graduate from MORTAR?
2018, cohort 17 (Damascene)

What stands out most to you regarding the story of MORTAR over the past 9 years?
The fact that everyone still feels like family! The unwavering support for its Alumni.

Did your family have any traditions for celebrating Juneteenth? How do you celebrate now?
Funny story: Originally No, My birthday is actually July 4th lol so now that Juneteenth is a recognized holiday we celebrate that instead now. We gather as a family & have a representative meal worthy of a true Juneteenth celebration!

In celebration of Juneteenth, who is one historical figure that has inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey?  How have they inspired you?

Madam CJ Walker; a Black woman millionaire with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit is most inspiring to me.

She broke barriers & stigmas for Blacks & women overall in a time we weren’t always accepted or respected. Her relentless spirit broke glass ceilings at a time when we weren’t even considered a threat in the business world.

Madam C.J. Walker
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