Royalty Eatery, LLC

Royalty Eatery, LLC is a family owned and operated, seasoning/spice curating company, founded by myself and my husband. Through our love for food and culture, the love of our respected cities Cincinnati and New Orleans, and my passion for cooking, we decided to launch our brand in 2018. The next year, I decided that it was time to grow! While studying business and listening to podcasts, I learned that product is the way to go, when trying to earn money in your sleep. That information urged me to start our product line. Royalty Eatery’s Seasoning Blends, our specially curated, LOW SODIUM, all purpose spices and seasonings…..guaranteed to enhance the flavor of ANY dish that it touches! With love, continued support, perseverance and persistence we shall continue to nurture and develop Royalty Eatery….while being a blessing to our community!


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