Life’s a PITCH

September 22 * Woodward Theatre
Doors: 5pm * Pitches: 6pm * $5

The last nine weeks have been amazing. Our students came into the course ready to start (or grow) their businesses, and they’ve completely transformed.. Not just because of the curriculum they had to learn (though it is pretty awesome) – but mostly because of their sheer desire and hustle. There have been significant challenges that these individuals have had to overcome to get to this point in their entrepreneurial lives, and they stepped up and kicked butt LIKE A BOSS. For this reason, we’ve planned a night where they get to showcase their skills, talents and introduce their businesses to this wonderful place we call Cincinnati.. And guess what? You’re invited. Life’s a PITCH.. and then you LIVE.

Join MORTAR on September 22nd as we celebrate the next great entrepreneurs to carve out a space in the city we love. Our students are excited, prepared and ready to win you over! Speaking of winning you over, you’ll have the opportunity to sow into our graduates’ businesses in a couple ways: Use the token that you’ll receive upon entry to vote for your favorite presenter. The winner will receive all of the money raised at the door to assist them with their startup costs, so please bring cash – if that’s still a thing (admission is only $5, BUT you can purchase extra tokens as well). You will also have the opportunity to schedule private meetings with the graduates at a later date to discuss potential mentorships, collaborations, investment opportunities and resource development.

We hope to see you in the building, but if for some reason, you’re unable to make it out – but you want to support the work that MORTAR is doing, you can make a donation HERE. For more information, or to share this event with your social network, check out the event on Facebook. Thank you for your continued support!

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