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Office Manager
Reports to: MORTAR Executive Leadership Team
This position is intended to support three clear strategic initiatives:
1. To analyze, develop, implement and improve current organizational operating procedures. The Office Manager is tasked with simplifying the complexities of a rising organization with many moving parts; creating a stress-free, well-oiled machine.
2. Work side by side with MORTAR Executive Leadership Team daily to provide top-level assistance on a range of tasks and projects.
3. Manage MORTAR’s HR and operational management systems, processes and best practices that guarantee organizational well-being.


Facilities & Events Manager

Position: Facilities & Events Manager [FT]
Reports to: MORTAR Creative Director

This position is intended to support three clear strategic initiatives:

  1. At BRICK Pop Up Shops, the Facilities & Events Manager would be charged with bookings of upcoming experiences. At BRICK Haus locations, the Facilities & Events Manager will work with Creative Director to create unique events and experiences, for shoppers and the community at large.
  1. Organizing all store operations and allocating responsibilities to BRICK personnel. Supervising and guiding staff towards maximum performance. Preparing and controlling the store’s budget aiming for minimum expenditure and efficiency.
  1. Working to develop and implement events (on location and off site) that either:
    A. Move the missions of MORTAR and alumni forward through developing opportunities for exposure
    B. Contribute to creating earned revenue to the MORTAR bottom line.
    C. Assist the Development department in fundraising efforts


Community Outreach & Expansion Coordinator
Reports to: MORTAR Expansion Director

This position will focus on two major pieces of MORTAR’s work. It will be a contract position that starts at 20 hours weekly and transitions to 40 hours weekly:

1. Community Outreach – MORTAR works in a number of communities across Cincinnati. The goal is to deepen MORTAR’s impact in these communities and across the city based on data and evaluation results of MORTAR studies and expand to additional Cincinnati neighborhoods based on feasibility and neighborhood readiness. This work will include building out local entrepreneurial ecosystem and identifying potential strategic partnerships to build on MORTAR’s support system. The Community Outreach & Expansion Coordinator will work to deepen the community partnerships and recruit entrepreneurs.

2. Consultation/Expansion – MORTAR is working to develop “MORTAR in a Box” to provide documentation, playbooks, and supporting tools for communities and entrepreneurs to continue to scale, grow diverse neighborhoods of business owners and increase their bottom lines. The Community Outreach & Expansion Coordinator will work with the Expansion Director, MORTAR team, and partners to help develop documentation to be used in creating toolkits and expansion kits. This role will also project manage the first consulting relationship outside of Cincinnati.