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Anton Ferguson

P.U.S.H. - Pray Until Something Happens

P.U.S.H. is an organization motivated by humanity and the evolution of a child’s mind. We sell P.U.S.H. branded t-shirts and give a portion of the profits to kids with incarcerated parents.

Website: www.WearPUSH.com
Phone: 504.533.8041

Lawrence Jones

Just Hire Me

Just Hire Me is a platform for neighbors to employ teenagers within their community. We serve as a vehicle to stimulate the teenage economy, while reintroducing neighbors. We aim to be the “Uber” of service convenience between neighbors and teenagers.

Website: www.justhiremellc.com
Contact: info@justhiremellc.com

Lorraine Dukes

Real Deal Boxing Club

An after school program that teaches kids boxing while building confidence and community. We prepare kids to not only be successful in the ring but also in life knowing that someone will always be in their corner.

Jeffrey Brewster

Healthy Days 365

We provide health assessments and biometric screenings for consumers at the point-of- sale for consumable products and durable health goods. We offer nutritional counseling to prevent and manage diseases. We connect consumers to medical practitioners and other health service providers.

Website: www.HealthyDays365.com
Phone: 504.533.8041

Elaine Hoffman

Lady’s Sparrow Foundation

Lady’s Sparrow Foundation is on a mission to provide patient advocacy and public awareness in women’s sexual health. Through support groups, mentorship programs, university speaking tours, and a parent education class we are breaking the slience surrounding women’s sexual health.

Achsah Fitzhugh


Listen is a non profit organization waging war on abuse and neglect in our youth. Listen not only provides a platform for abused individuals to express themselves and heal, but we’ re also creating a language for prevention of future abuse.

Eddie Stewart

Project 2FL¥4Û

We are a non-profit social enterprise composed of an Information technology program “Project 2FL¥4Û” that will sell clothes to fund the program…We offer easy to understand courses that will build basic skills for everyone. We also help create a blueprint for success in the field of IT.

Jamar Brantley

Redemption Development Center

Retired Marine Jamar Brantley, started working with troubled youth in 2006. After discovering the system’s many flaws & lack of nurturing for youth, he realized it was his calling to start Redemption Development Center; a place that’s safe, educational, responsible and instills values of manhood: ACCOUNTABILITY, WORD IS BOND and INTEGRITY.

Rodriquez Stephens

A Child’s D.R.U.M.S.

A Child’s D.R.U.M.S. is a non-profit organization which seeks to encourage and increase youth participation in learning and playing percussion instruments.  We want to enable young children to benefit from participation in play drums, in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, A Child’s D.R.U.M.S. programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives.

Donny Harper

GO(O)D Company Apparel

GO(O)D Company Apparel promotes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will encourage, support and build you up on your road to success. We have created a brand that every age, race and background can relate to.

Evie Cotton

Visindi Beauty

Visindi Beauty is a prestige soap company committed to bringing quality all natural soaps to market that are exceptionally beautiful as well as safe for face and body as well as the environment. Free from Detergents, Dyes, Paraben, Sulfates, Gluten and Cruelty.

Website: www.visindibeauty.com

Briona-Joy Smith

Old Nati Tees

Old Nati Tees is a company dedicated to providing high quality, custom designs and apparel to small businesses and organizations. Locally owned and operated, we are able to offer a personalized experience when creating your custom orders and specialize in fast order completion.

Camielle Howard

Cam's Crochet

Cam’s Crochet offers beautiful, well-crafted crocheted clothing and accessories for any occasion. From everyday attire to items for special events Cam’s Crochet has the items you need to create a one-of-a-kind look!

Website: CamsCrochet.etsy.com

Regina Middleton

Smartfish Footwear

Smartfish Footwear provides shoe making kits for purchase, enabling people employ themselves and rebuild the dying manufacturing industry from the grassroots. Wearers of Smartfish Footwear can dress with confidence and conscience, knowing that their shoes were produced ethically and  sustainably.

John Whatley

F.I.R.M. Apparel - Fly Intelligent Real Men/Misses

We are a clothing line without a face, color or ethnicity. Our objective is to promote education & build character for the leaders of tomorrow. Our clothing not only tells what we are about – it also provides role models for kids to look up to.

Website: www.theFIRMapparel.com

Chante Baker & Debra Sparks


A brand to advocate, create a culture of support and promote awareness, for any individual who may battle with a blood disorder as well as the friends and family affected by it; or for those individuals who feel they are simply unique.

Danielle Boyle

Clean Slate Clothing

Each day we wake up, we have a #CleanSlate.  A new day & new mercies to make it happen for ourselves & others. Clean Slate Clothing is a lifestyle brand that inspires individuals to build community, while looking fly & staying cool.

Website: www.CleanSlateCo.com

Kyla Woods

Crowd or Camera

Crowd or Camera Communications Consulting is a premier brand messaging firm that specializes in tailoring exactly what you want to say to the audience you want to say it to. Broadcast journalist and Public Relations connoisseur Kyla Woods leads the team with over 12 years of experience in media, promotions, and social networking platforms.

Website: www.CrowdOrCamera.com

Brandon A. Black


DrawnVersation is a graphic recording service that translates the verbal content of live meetings, presentations, and discussions into a large-scale visual in real time.

Email: drawnversation@gmail.com
Blog: http://drawnvo.blogspot.com

Wendy Palmer

The W Experience

We create private, social and corporate events that make memories! We coordinate decor, party favors, treat tables, catering and vendors that fulfill your vision. Book your event with us so that you can celebrate with the people that matter.

Brenda Baker

Sparkle Cleaning

We have been serving the greater Cincinnati area as a full service residential and commercial cleaning company.  We provide sanitary facilities and employment that pays a living wage to sustain economic integrity. Our employees work independently and efficiently as well as part of a team. Customers are offered routine cleaning or one time cleaning.

Phone: 513.706.9279


Helen Bradley

S.H.E Courtesy Girls

A diverse group of models offering event planning services & promotional spokes-modeling.  Our services are ideal for promoting your product or event with an attractive representative who can speak well, engage customer feedback and identify possible sales leads. We are ready to represent your event or company, make a good impression on your new clients and help you effectively communicate your mission.

Website: www.shecourtesygirl.com

Rolandis Williams


iCleanology is a commercial cleaning company serving bars and restaurants in OTR Cincinnati. iCleanology is offering a premium service with a high level of integrity and trustworthiness. Founder, Rolandis,ensures he exceeds expectations.

Email: iCleanology@yahoo.com

Sarah Howard

The Giddy Pup

Giddy Pup, the all-inclusive, self-serve pet wash, and grooming for Over the Rhine’s urban pet parents . We provide raised washtubs, aprons, rain boots, shampoos, conditioners, brushes, towels and dryers for every self-wash.

Tyler Townsend

The Sweet Pot

My mission is to provide healing, comfort, and improved quality of Life by establishing a Medical Marijuana Edibles Store that offers a wide range of marijuana infused edibles, oils, and concentrates that are healthy, affordable, and most importantly therapeutic and healing.

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Cincysweetpot_

Regina Render

Cincinnati Go4rs

Our concierge business serves as a convenience to people from all aspects of life – from stay at home parents to professional business men & women. Hire us to do tasks such as running personal errands, shopping, delivering items, watching/walking pets, setting appointments and assisting wherever needed.

Donovan Nelson

On the Go (OG) Studio Productions

On the Go Studio Productions is the world’s first entirely portable audio production studio. We offer artists, musicians, and music hobbyists professionally engineered production services; when and wherever they are inspired. We aim to revolutionize the global music business.

Regina Render

Cincinnati Go4rs

Our concierge business serves as a convenience to people from all aspects of life – from stay at home parents to professional business men & women. Hire us to do tasks such as running personal errands, shopping, delivering items, watching/walking pets, setting appointments and assisting wherever needed.

Kristen Bailey

Sweets & Meats

Having a passion for good people and good food, Sweets & Meats BBQ uses inspiration from family recipes and provides a down-home feel and meal. We specialize in smoked meats,  homemade sides and desserts. Our food truck is licensed and insured in both Ohio & Kentucky. We also offer full service catering.



Christina Davis

Davis Cookie Collection

Davis Cookie Collection bakes the most DELICIOUS cookies in all of Cincinnati. Our cookies are preservative/additive free and baked with All Natural and organic ingredients. To check out our flavors and try them for yourself, order at DavisCookieCollection.com

Rebecca Denney


Paleolicious Cincy is a Gluten Free & Paleo Catering Company whose mission is to convince the world that healthy food should always be delicious. Cincinnati sourced ingredients provide fresh, organic & local flavors that will convince you that eating well can be oh, so tasty!

Website: paleoliciouscincy.com
Email: paleoliciouscincy@gmail.com

Katy Dietz

Green Man Twist

Soft serve ice cream, slushies and hotdogs in a park! What a great way to bring a diverse population together in centrally located Walnut Hills. Green Man Twist is all about fostering unity and fun in our neighborhood, and among our employees and customers.

Jasmine Ford

Jazzy Sweeties Bakery

My business has really been thriving over the last year. My business has grown so much, I’m now opening a storefront in Walnut Hills. Once open I will start a scholarship fund for bakers.

Mona Bronson-Fuqua

Mo’Betta Brands

Mo’Betta Brands is a food experience evoking the emotional, tasty satisfaction of our past in Mo’Betta, health-conscious meals today. Personal chef and catering services serve a smorgasbord of culinary options. Maximizing your meal with Mo’Betta BBQ sauce soon.

Aunt Flora's Cobblers

Aunt Flora’s specializes in Gourmet Cobbler Pies and Healthy Southern Comfort Foods using her family’s old recipes. Aunt Flora has also created a food line of sauces, coffees and spices. Aunt Flora has been featured on nationally televised appearances with Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart.

Phone: 513.227.7938

Keantha Brandy

Key's Cheesecakes and Pies

Come unlock your taste buds with a custom made or regular cheesecake by yours truly, Key’s Cheesecakes and Pies. I offer a variety of cheesecake flavors with guaranteed freshness. Whatever flavor your taste buds may wish for come unlock them with a slice of Key’s Cheesecakes and Pies!

Website: www.freewebstore.org/keyscheesecakes

Vy Sok

Mahope Cambodian Eatery

Introducing Cincinnati to the first Cambodian eatery, “Mahope”, meaning food. Bringing hope through food. Hope is the main ingredient in helping our business grow. With the success of Mahope our mission is to help others achieve their own hopes and dreams.

Alerah Bellise

The Caribeyon Jerk Hut

The Caribeyon Jerk Hut specializes in authentic Caribbean cuisine. Our herbs & spices are from the Spur Tree Hills of Jamaica & we use cooking techniques that are over 100 years old. Join us at Drinkery OTR every weekend for the original island flavor.

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Caribeyon
Email: caribeyonjerkhut@gmail.com


Renee Laguna

Green Elephant

“Eat and play the natural way”. Our mission at Green Elephant is to bring play time to its natural state, by combining wholesome foods and organic play in a relaxing atmosphere that parents and their children can enjoy together.

Liz Wolf

Ephemeral Lounge & Venue

Ephemeral Lounge & Venue cherishes the unique qualities of craft gin with creative cocktails in a beautiful modern Mediterranean parlor. Our back room will be an intimate venue dedicated to small scale innovative live performance in a high quality theater like setting.

Aisha McNeal

Eden's Creations

Eden’s Creations is a cupcake boutique where you can build your own cupcake! You get to pick from a variety of different cupcakes and then choose your toppings, if you don’t like cupcakes we also have different fruit treats.

Yvonne Ballard

NOVE Home & Body Decor

NOVE Home & Body decor is a lifestyle boutique that offers fashion, decor & production design services through our online shop. All fashion & decor is curated by collections to cater to your unique style. We offer production design to create customized looks for any canvas.

Website: www.NOVEdecor.com

Arielle Nelson

Ragg Addict Men’s Boutique

Ragg Addict Men’s Boutique opened in July 2013 with the goal to provide Cincinnati with the flyest, hottest trends in streetwear. Owner, Arielle Nelson, utilizes her background of retail management and styling with in the music industry to give her a keen eye for Ragg Addict’s unique style and exclusivity for the city.

Tonya Dumas

House of Dumas Chinoiserie Gallerie

Chinoiserie is the imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs & techniques, in Western art, furniture, and architecture, in the 18th century.  Offering Feng Shui, Color Analysis & custom designs, unique, creative and inexpensive home décor solutions!

Location: 717 East McMillan. Cincinnati, OH.
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Phone: 513.830.4206
Email: Houseofdumas@gmail.com
Website: www.houseofdumas.com

Shanelle Smith & Dawn Whiteside

Men’s Masterpiece Consignment

Masterpiece Men’s Consignment is a High-End store that sells new and gently used men’s clothing and accessories at budget friendly prices. Our goal is to help men achieve their desired look and be their authentic self – we know that you were created to be the best, so we want you to look your best.

Phone: 1.888.475.7757
Email: inquiries@masterpiececonsignment.com
Web: masterpiececonsignment.com


Latoya Suggs

Aseaya Boutique

Aseaya Boutique is an online clothing store featuring women apparel, jewelry, accessories and shoes. Our styles are classy, sexy and flirty. From the night out with the girls to a formal event with your babe we have all your going out needs.

Website: www.aseayaboutique.com

Stephanie Bohanon

Beaux Studio

Beaux Studio is a concept salon brought to the Cincinnati area that bridges the gap between fashion, beauty, and events for millennials all in one space. We strive to create a feel-good atmosphere where people can sip, snip, or shop with us.


Baoku Moses

Positive Image Arts

BAOKU means HOPE. My company Positive Image Arts uses music and art to restore the hope of unity and peace globally! I will also promote cultural appreciation with musical performances, classes and events once I open Baoku’s Village in Covington, Kentucky.


Monica Tuck

Unbridled Studio

Unbridled Studio is a creative consulting company bringing out the “raw beauty” of fashion, beauty, & lifestyle brands. Unbridled Studio offers an extensive list of creative written & visual services to ignite, awaken, and expand retail in our community.

Website: www.UnbridledStudio.com

Jesse Fox

Jesse Fox Photography

Art and storytelling have always been the blood in my veins. As a freelance portrait photographer I utilize my performance experience and background in art direction to create conceptual and vibrant images that evoke emotion for bands, brands and publications.

Website: www.JesseFox.net

Tia Brown

West End Art Gallery

The West End Art Gallery is a fun place to Experience and Explore ART. We believe ART can help glue families and the community together.  This gallery offers exhibitions and workshops to learn new forms of art. From painting & drawing to origami & knitting.

Website: www.WestEndArt.gallery
Email: weag513@gmail.com

Jeri Tolliver


Inspired by my love of books and an eleven year old brown girl asking “where are books for girls like me?”, I created BrwnGrlBks – a place for  girls of color to find stories by writers that speak to them;  where they can view the world through books and see themselves.

Website: www.BrwnGrlBks.com

Shamekko N. Early

DVRS Stock

DVRS (“diverse”) Stock will offer dynamic stock photography featuring people of color in a positive light. We want to help change the narrative of stock photos by providing inspiring images to creatives including graphic designers, bloggers, design firms & more.

Website: www.DVRSstock.com

Taylor Tennyson

Pallet Studios

A representation and management company for visual artists. A powerful fusion of artist cultivation, management, and support. Our team will nurture and direct artists representing all visual art platforms. We are driven by structure, and connected by talent.

Cam Means

BlaCk OWned Outerwear

BlaCk OWned Outerwear is a fashion line created to promote excellence. Every garment is designed to inspire. Crew neck sweatshirts, pullover & zip up hoodies, T-shirts & hats for men and women. BlaCk is the color of success and sophistication, that’s what being BlaCk OWned represents.

Phone: 513.407.3496
Location: 822 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH
Hours: Mon-Thu, 12-8pm; Fri-Sat 12-9pm

Website: www.blackowned19xx.com

Floyd Johnson

Ohio Against The World

A college dropout who’s been rejected from DAAP’s fashion program three times, Johnson has carved out a creative niche representing his home state in (OATW) apparel, that reaches across the globe from his studio apartment in Northside.

Website: www.ohioagainsttheworld.com

Joi Walker

Uptown Identity

Uptown Identity creates custom handbags that are intended to make you feel like royalty. Each purse is carefully crafted with ethnic printed fabrics of your choice, which encourages you to express your originality and embrace your heritage. Celebrate your Uptown Identity!


Charlene Kimber

Blue Candies

A modern, hip, sexy crochet clothing line is proposing a mobile boutique which gives women a new way to shop in the Cincinnati area. Bringing the convenience of shopping to your home, place of business, public and private events.

Q Kinebrew

Brewing Arts

Brewing Arts is a creative services company providing fast, reliable and personable service. We offer personal one on one tutorials of knitting, sewing,crochet,  and jewelry making. Our other services are custom clothing and home decor. This is where you come to make creative ideas realities!

Brandon Hill

Live Learn Exchange

Every child should have access to meaningful, cross-cultural experiences. Live Learn Exchange is a web-based platform that streamlines the ability for teachers to connect to one another. In order to allow for collaborative education to blossom, which creates valuable opportunities for the personal growth and development of students around the planet.

Pitch Night Winner

Peoples’s Choice Winner

Entrepreneurial Light Award